Skin care in Monsoon

Monsoon is one of the most awaited season. The onset of monsoon after a hot steaming summer gives a relief to everyone. There is cooling down in the temperature nut at the same time increase in the humidity to a great extent. As the climatic changes occur even the skin starts responding differently with the environmental changes.

The basic skin care steps as cleansing ,toning and moisturising remain the same.

Cleansing – The selection of a cleanser has to be done according to the individual skin type. Soap free cleanser is something which is ideal in most of the skin types however in acne prone individuals or with a very oily skin a cleanser having mild exfoliating agents like salicylic acids or glycolic acids is more useful in order to get rid of the excessive oiliness.

Toning -Toning is more important in individuals with oily skin in order to remove excessive sebum with help of an astringent. In individuals with extra dry skin using a strong toner can aggravate the dryness and cause more problems.

Moisturising – A moisturiser has to be oil free in order to prevent clogging of pores ,as in monsoon the humidity in the environment is also very high which leads to more hydration of the superficial skin layers which in turn may cause clogging of pores and can lead to blackheads ,whiteheads and acne (pimples).

Exfoliation –  is something which can be done once a week using a mild scrub. This helps to remove the dead skin and pore cleansing. Vigorous scrubbing or using a strong scrub can in turn lead to pigmentation and skin irritation so one should select a scrub carefully.

There is a myth that no sunscreen is required in monsoon as it is cloudy. Though clouds reduce the intensity of sunlight, ultraviolet rays and infrared rays still penetrate through which can damage the skin. So one should continue using a sunscreen in a same manner as used in other seasons. The sunscreen used in monsoon should be water resistant as rain water can wash off the sunscreens. If getting wet in rains then the reapplication is mandatory in 40mins otherwise reapplication every 3 to 4 hours is sufficient.

Using a good night cream depending on the skin type helps to maintain the brightness on the skin in the months of monsoon as well. Selection of night cream depends upon multiple factors like age, skin type any specific skin issues. Your dermatologist is a best person who can recommend you one depending on all these factors.

Other than the applications and external skin care internal body environment is equally important. Having plenty of water is also essential in monsoon though we don’t feel thirsty. This helps in giving more hydrated and fresh look to the skin. Having fresh fruits help in repleshing the antioxidant requirement of the body and giving you a glowing skin.

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