Dark circles

Dark circles also known as peri-orbital melanosis is darkeness around the eyes. It is common, often familial ,and are frequently found in Indian population.

The exact cause of dark circles is not known but thought to be multifactorial. Variety of reasons are responsible familial being the most common, other includes systemic disease, chronic illness, anemia, chronic strain on eyes, improper sleeping habits etc.

The causes of hyper pigmentation around the eyes include dermal melanin deposition, post inflammatory hyper pigmentation from atopic or contact allergic dermatitis as well as shadowing from lax skin and infraorbital swelling.

Treatment offered at Claro-

There are verity of treatments offered for under eye circles and the combination of several treatment gives a better results. Depending on the severity of the dark circles the treatment is customised as basic ,advanced and super.

The common treatment modalities include

Peels – specifically designed for delicate skin around the eye
Laser – to target the melanin around the eye
Electroporation – for delivering lightening agent around the eyes more effectively
Hidratherapy – for better hydration of the under eye area
Oxytherapy – pure oxygen infiltration for a fresher look

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