Open pores and Acne scars

A pore is the pathway for oil to reach the skin. At the bottom of the pore is a sebaceous gland, or oil gland, which makes sebum to help keep the skin moisturised and protected. Once made, this sebum or oil travels up through the canal and exits through the pore. In few individuals these pores are prominent and in others with age due to laxity of skin they start getting prominent. On other side acne scars occurs due to tissue destruction happening as a result of inflammation cased by acne. The open pores and acne scars are difficult to conceal with the make-up so scar and open pore reduction treatments play an important role in improving the appearance of the skin.

Treatments offered at Claro clinic for the open pore and acne scar reductions are-

1. Carbon laser peel
2. Micro-needling RF
3. Fractional RF
4. Laser toning
5. Dermaroller
6. Electroporation

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