Electroporation makes use of electric pulses, creating gaps in the stratum corneum layer of the skin so that beauty enhancers and medications can be introduced into the basal and dermis layers of the skin. Collagen, hyaluronic acid, and other substances can be administered deep into the skin painlessly and quickly without having to rely on needles. For best results, it is recommended to perform a diamond-tipped MDA exfoliation prior to electroporation, in order to remove the stratum corneum and create favorable conditions for substance absorption. Electroporation is a non-invasive and painless alternative. It allows for topical drug application and is used to treat a variety of facial skin problems-

  1. Facial skin resurfacing
  2. Lines of expression
  3. Acne scars
  4. Face and neck firming
  5. Anti-aging
  6. Hyper-pigmentation
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