Face Contouring

Face contouring of reshaping can be achieved with various modalities depending on the individual face structure and features.

Technologies used for face contouring include –

  • Radio Frequency(RF)- technology not only remodels your skin but also enliven you lives. It has a wide application and proven clinical results in wide range of applications including facial tightening, lifting and deep wrinkle reduction, body tightening and contouring
  • Botox-To improve jawline,inverted chin and also to relax the forehead lines,frown lines and Crow’s line on the upper face.
  • Fillers-depending upon the feature which needs to be highlighted fillers are an excellent solution in giving high cheek ,pointed chin also well defined jawline hence enhancing the facial features.
  • Mesotherapy-using mesolipolysis to get rid of double chin helps in improving the appearance of the face.
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