Lichen Planus

It is a disease characterized by itchy reddish-purple, polygon-shaped, flat skin lesions. Oral cavity can get involved with a burning sensation in the mouth, and a lattice-like network of white lines near sites of erosion (Wickham striae).Involvement of hair may cause scarring hair loss.The cause is unknown, but it is thought to be the result of an autoimmune process with an unknown initial trigger.Stress is known to trigger the disease.

Treatment offered at Claro clinic 

  • Medical line of management-consisting of oral and topical medication in initial stages to prevent further spread and help in symptom relief.
  • Active management for faster pigment reduction-
    • Peels-medium depth peels for reducing the post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.
    • Laser-Pigment reduction laser for lightening the pigment faster.